Zwift Problem On Windows 10 Pro

Hi guys, I am having problems running my Zwift on my laptop.

Update Error during patching. Error Code : Z113 at line 602 in patcher.ccp.

Does anyone have similar issues with this as well? Please help!

The z113 error relates to files not matching. Here’s what is recommended:

  1. Close Zwift launcher from the taskbar, if necessary.
  2. Delete the Zwift folder inside your Downloads folder, or move it to the desktop.
  3. Restart Zwift and try updating.

If you’re still having problems, submit a support ticket so they can check your logs.


Thanks, I will try it now. I have sent a ticket but so far no reply from them yet.

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Omg! It works! I am in. Thanks so much!

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Great to hear!

Ride On!