Zwift App crashed while saving at end of ride - distance OK but altitude missing

(Chris Jones) #1

Fairly new to Zwift and on the Everest challenge, completed a ride two days ago reaching level 10 and 80% of the climb, I’ve seen the Yeti. Zwift then crashed when saving the ride.

The data is on My Zwift and the distance / level achievement still show in the Zwift App, I am still level 10 and have the wheels etc. The upload to Strava and Garmin also worked fine, it’s just within the app that the climbing is missing putting me back to 72% and no Yeti.

I raised a support issue with Zwift when it happened but I’m a little impatient and wonder if there is there anything I can do to sort this out? I have ridden on Zwift since.

(Steven) #2

Hi Chris,

It sounds like a partial upload of your ride activity and typically this typically occurs if you get disconnected from the Internet while trying to save your ride activity. You made the right call by submitting a request for support.

Regrettably, the Zwift support team doesn’t have an admin tool that allows us to credit your account for the missing progress, however, one of our support agents should be able to take a closer look at what happened during your ride and advise on on the best way to help prevent it from continuing to happen.