Zwift app Actions panel

(John LaFosse (MTB)) #1

So, I lost my bluetooth dongle and yes it worked in Windows 10. I bought another one at Best buy thinking I could do a quick install and my zwift app may show the actions screen so I may use my Android phone for the actions panel. After, a trojan virus rootkit and crash I overhauled everything. The one thing this evening was to update my netgear firmware. And so I start, Zwift and Zwift app tonight just after the Netgear update and what do u know the actions panel is available. !

I have no bluetooth on nor is the dongle inserted. 


Did we have an update for wifi or has it always worked via wifi as well?



(John LaFosse (MTB)) #2

Basically Insignia Bluetooth didn’t work no matter what I did in Windows 10. 

(John LaFosse (MTB)) #3

answered my own question:


(Jon Mayfield) #4

The only way the android app talks to the Zwift game is over wifi.  Bluetooth is not used.