Bluetooth drivers disabled/removed on windows10

Please note that the latest update for the zwift windows application totally removed the Bluetooth windows drivers and intern removed the entire Bluetooth functionality on windows10 thus rendering the app useless. Any one with similar issue or a how to reinstall or revert/rollback back to the older version?

Hi @Giovanni_Baumann_705

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I have used the Bluetooth connection this morning on Windows 10.

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Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ .
I’ve applied some updates using the manufacturer’s support assist which updated drivers and firmware. I also reinstalled the zwift app. This corrected the issue.

I’m having some issues too after latest update a week ago (windows 10 pro, tacx neo 2t). Seems I now need to restart my pc before launching zwift. If I don’t, zwift won’t recognize the neo nor my ticker fit (tells me to ‘wake up my devices’). I’m suspecting that after the update, zwift does not tear down the bluetooth connection properly during exit. Instead leaves it in a bad state. Requiring pc restart to clean up.

hi @Giovanni_Baumann_705 …I have the same problem…and I’m not able to fix it.