Zwift...another crash

Honestly why do I even waste my time trying to give my money to this company. You can raise over $600 million in a couple years but you can’t make a program that doesn’t crash within 5 seconds of trying to ride with a friend.

I’d argue that’s a Microsoft problem, not a Zwift problem :).

I’ve never seen that sort of thing on an iPad.

I’ve never had a crash on ATV, either. What is your system setup? Maybe your PC has some odd settings that conflict with Zwift (or vice versa?), or perhaps is a little to old to deal with Zwift? Hard to say without more info.

Never had it crash on a Windows 10 PC, either. :wink:

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I crash extremely seldom on W10. I think mostly due to lack of rebooting for a long (week) period of time. Typically I now close everything down and reboot prior to Zwifting. With SSDs rebooting is pretty swift.

That’s probably because shutting down Windows 10 doesn’t really shut it down, it goes into a hybrid sleep mode so it boots quicker (you can turn it off, it’s called Fast Startup in the advanced power options). Some updates don’t install fully/correctly without a proper reboot, and starting the OS properly from scratch is always useful.