zwift android app not recognizing email/password

(Tod Gentry) #1

Downloaded from play store. Try to log in but “email and/or password do not match”. I am using the correct email and password combo. Tried to reset password via the app, prompted to provide email address but was notified “this address is not in our system”.

Anyone have similar problem with the android app? Running android 4.4.4

(Kelly Latham AHDR (C)) #2

yes i have the same problem exactly.

(Gareth Baines) #3

Same with me too, Android 4.4.4

(F. Schreiber *USMES*) #4

Having same problem on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 running Android .4.4.2.

(Martin Aspinall) #5

Having the same issue with my sony experia

(Guy Cowan) #6

Same issue here. Sony Xperia.

(Frank Huber) #7

Same issue here, Samsung S5 and I sign in at home on a MAC


(Tom Blackschleger) #8

Yes same issue. Sony Xperia Z1 Android 5.0.2

Any help?

(Tom Blackschleger) #9

Figured it out…

my phone used an auto-complete email address. I looked closely and there was a space after the last letter in the address. I deleted the space (backspace) and it worked. I suppose it was seeing the space as an extra character and not accepting the email address…


maybe this helps someone :wink:

(. Deb Baker) #10

it helped me!!


(Cory Burch) #11

Having the issues on my iPhone. Anyone else today?

(Steve Ellis) #12

Make sure there’s no space character after your password or email. iOS helpfully inserts spaces where you don’t want them. The space may invalidate your email address or password.