Cant log in to Zwift Mobile Link (Android)

(A llez Alain) #1

I’ve been using Zwift without major issue on my desktop and laptop since January. When the Mobile Link app came out I couldn’t log in, but It’s taken until now for me to have a look at the issue.


I can log in to Zwift on PC without any problem. But when I supply the same details to the Mobile Link login I get the message:  ‘the username or password did not match.’


If I attempt to reset my login details through the Mobile Link app I get the message: ‘the email address provided is not linked to any Zwift profiles.’


I’ve reset my login details through the PC based Zwift, without issue. The new login encountered the same problem on the Mobile Link app.


My Mobile Link app is version 1.2.1

My Android device is a Samsung Galaxy S4, running Android version 4.4.2

(Christophe DE GROM) #2

be sure that your e-mail is exact the same as your pc. For example without capital letters

(A llez Alain) #3

Thanks for your reply. Although my email was exactly the same, your post has helped me solve the problem.

I was using an auto-fill for my email address, and as I double checked it I notice the auto-fill was adding a space at the end. With this space deleted I can now log-in.

Problem solved.


(Christophe DE GROM) #4


(Davide Rosiglioni (C)) #5

Got my answer as well.  Thanks for post.

(Iain Case) #6

And mine !

(J. Dreijer) #7

dank voor de tip…

Got my answer as well.  Thanks for post.

(Doug Jeffery R2S.CA YVR) #8

Worked for me too! Thanks for a good tip!


(Tina Severson) #9

That worked, great tip, thank you!!

(Mark Walton) #10

Me too.


(Aaron Tredway) #11

+1 thanks