android app

(C orders WBR(C)) #1


I have used  Zwift on my laptop no problems, just purchased a Samsung smart phone, downloaded the app --ok tried to log in and it does not recognise my password!!. I know I am putting it in correctly…any ideas??


(Bernd Brucker) #2

have the same problem!

(Josh Pettit SLTC) #3

Add me to the list. Samsung S5 Galaxy won’t log in. Login works great from computer…

(Pål Eddy Stokvik [TFC-Racing]) #4

Have same problem with Samsung Galaxy S5. Works fine on my Ipad and computer…

(John Wilkinson) #5

Yes…same issue

(Jeroen Krom) #6

I have had the same issue but removed the capital from my password. After that i where able to log in with smartphone.

My tablet didn’t had the issue…

(B. Br.) #7

I changed the mail address from gmail. now it works. still have a capital in my password.

(Pål Eddy Stokvik [TFC-Racing]) #8

Thanks for the tip guys, but now it suddenly works for the first time without changing anything. I use gmail but have no capital in the password from beginning. Maybee some issues the zwift team have solved?

Ride on.


(John Wilkinson) #9

still have the issue…uninstalled and reinstalled on phone…etc, suggestions??

(Brian Gorby) #10

We’ve not seen any problems with our in-house Samsung devices. If you’re unable to log-in, please open a support request, and we can further diagnose what the problem might be.

(Pål Eddy Stokvik [TFC-Racing]) #11

Hello again. After previous posts I’ve had the same problem back in. I realized that I have got a blank character in the end of my e-mail adress, I`m reasonably certain that I did not write it bye myself, something happened when I moved the cursor down to the password line. Double check if it is okay in your app, cursor directly behind the last letter in your email address. Well, it works for me at least.
Good luck.
cheers Paul.

(Greg Hoch (VF - C)) #12

Thanks for the last post.  That was my problem.  A space was put in after the email address and I didn’t notice it.

(W illem Jan #SMT) #13

Tnx! The extra space after my e-mail was the problem :frowning:

(DB JuiceMan) #14

Help same problem.  changed password.  still can’t log into phone.  any thoughts.

(Phil George (HNCC)) #15

The Android app is so unreliable. On my HTC One M9 I managed to connect the other day but now I just get the donut spinning and then some kind of bad request error. I don’t understand how I can easily log in on my PC every time and yet my Android devices are so unreliable. That’s an HTC phone, a Samsung tablet and a Hudl. Tried with a capital letter on my email address and without with no luck. 

(Phil George (HNCC)) #16

Just got it again: web page not available: The web page at https://secure  blah blah could not be loaded because:


I get this all the time - how to resole this please?

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #17

Same problem with Samsung S5, it has been working okay but for the last couple of days l keep getting the same error message?

(N ietzorap) #18

I had the same problem with Samsung S5 and same solution worked for me(manually removing the extra space after the mail address). Tx Eddy

(Alan Weaver (Beacon RCC)) #19

Logging in isn’t an issue now it’s getting the darn app to open now?  Sometimes it’s fine and works okay while times I get the EMPTY RESPONSE error message and despite countless efforts it’s simply refuses to open?

(Pål Eddy Stokvik [TFC-Racing]) #20

Happy to help Ronny. My app sometimes crash while logging in, I then have to shoot it down andopen and log in again, and it then works fine. I’ll shoot it completely down from the app list when hit the button to the left of home button on my Galaxy S5. :blush: