Unable to launch program from S5 Galaxy smartphone using App

I have download the App from Google store and installed on my S5 Galaxy smartphone. When I try to launch program, it indicates that it invalid user name or password. I go to my PC and am able to log in with current password and username. I have removed app gone back to Google store several times and download the App with the same results.

Hope you can help! 


Hi John,

There’s a known issue where, on some Galaxy devices, a blank space is added to the end of the email address after entering the email address and tapping the password field. Before tapping the Log In button, see if there’s a blank space at the end of your email address (and delete it if so).

We’re fixing this soon, but I hope this work-around will be helpful for you in the mean time.


Hi, I have tried as you have suggested with the same results, I guess I will have to wait for the fix before I will be able to use my phone App.

Hi John,

Please open up a support ticket with us (http://bit.ly/ZwiftSupport) and we can try a couple other things to make sure everything looks OK with your username and password.