Companion App Not Logging In

I just joined Zwift.

Downloaded and installed the Desktop version which automatically created an account for me and logged me in. No problem so far. But when I try to run the Companion App from Google Playstore, I am unable to login. It keeps showing “Invalid email address or password”. If I try to use the “Forgot your password” link, I do not get any password reset email even though I did receive the welcome email from Zwift at the same address.

Very frustrating.

Can anyone help?

The companion app uses the same login details as the desktop app. That said I’ve regularly had to repeat the signing in process a few times to successfully log in as it fails like you describe. One tip is to try an log in with your device as close as possible to your wifi transmitter. I often do this before going out to my garage to Zwift. This seems to work better.

I’ve tried all the above. Logging out and in from the desktop app. Restarting Windows. Uninstalling and re-installing the companion app. Nothing helped. I can change the password when logged into my dashboard on the PC. However, I still get “Oops! Invalid email address or password” on the companion app no matter what I try.

I think something to note would be I cannot get a password reset email when I click on the “Forgot your password” link in the companion app. This seems to show that the companion app cannot find my account even though it has been created by the desktop app. Perhaps it’s something to do with the Zwift server?

Out of ideas.

Suggest a support ticket with Zwift.

Had to create a new account just so I could post - my zwift account has been giving me “Invalid Username or password” since last night. Have requested password reset multiple times and no mail coming through. Yes I have checked my spam filter. Extremely frustrating as I know for sure that I am entering correct credentials. I have raised a ticket but the response won’t reach me in time to let me have a ride tonight. Opportunities for me to ride aren’t plentiful. I am posting here to let it be known that Paul is not alone.

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Hey @Passel did you end up getting your issue solved via support conversation?

No. Support gave me the typical cut and paste template solutions even though I clearly detailed in my support request that I had tried all of them as indicated in the troubleshooting FAQ.

Subsequently, I was able to log in the next day. However, this morning the bug came back again and as of now I cannot log in.

Thanks for the corroboration. I’m sorry you missed your ride. It’s happening again now after 2 days of no issues. Really irritating having to miss a ride when you’re trapped by the weather, after getting out of bed and having prepped everything only to find out you can’t log in. At the rate this is happening, I just don’t feel confident signing up after the trial.

Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. I’m having the same problem, I hope that they figure it out fast, I got a race tomorrow morning.

Did anyone find a solution for this. I am having the same issue.

Can you post what issues you are having, the more detail the better.

I am having issues logging into the stand alone Windows App. I can clearly log into the website but when I launch the stand alone app it tells me ‘Failed to log in. Check Internet connection’. I have reset my password, my router, uninstalled and reinstalled the app but nothing is helping.

Make sure there is not an extra space at the end of your email.

Also, take a look at this KB and see if it helps:"check-your-internet-connection"-error-(cycling)-BkWrZC1WSQ

Are you using a VPN or using Zwift on a work computer?

BTW, this thread is for logging into the Zwift Companion App, not the Zwift App.

Thanks Paul,

I have tried all the suggestions in the attached forum but still no luck.
I am using a work laptop but it worked previously.

Your IT department might have made some changes to some settings using Group Policy.

You could try clearing out your Internet Explorer cache (Zwift uses IE for the login).

Worked previously? I just searched for your name on the ZCA and it says you have 0 miles and level 1.

This seems to be an old problem, but for me it hasn’t gone away. Sometimes when attempting to open ZC on my Android device, I need to enter my username & PW multiple times. Occasionally when I try to open the app voila no user name or PW is required. I would love to know how to tap and open this app from my personal device without having to type my credentials (both are long and complicated) most of the time.

I’m having the same problem.