Zwift on Android -- password not remembered

When I first started Zwifting, I used an Android tablet (Huawei M5) most of the time. Then I moved on to a Windows PC. Recently I have had to use Android again, and I find I have to enter my e-mail and password (which of course I can’t remember) every time I start Zwift. This never used to be the case. Is this deliberate, or has an “upgrade” introduced a bug? Thanks.

When I use android it remembers me

seems like it might be an issue specific to your set up. try reinstalling the app and see if starting again helps.

try clearing the cache for zwift and then logging in and seeing if it remembers it, does sound like its s specific to you mind

Ed, happens often on Android I’m afraid.

Thanks all. Clearing the cache and reinstalling hasn’t done the trick. Ho hum. Not a big problem.

Hi @Ed_Lazda

If you’ve already tried clearing the Android app cache and you’ve re-installed Zwift, at this time that’s all I can think of to try in terms of immediate troubleshooting.

What you’ve explained sounds almost buggy and I’ve not (as yet) found an existing bug report for this issue. Seemingly similar bug reports (e.g. the one for the Windows PC Zwift launcher not remembering passwords at login) won’t encapsulate this issue due to the different login architecture, so I’m guessing we’ll need a separate bug report for Android (if it is a bug).

  1. I would suggest that you capture a short video (e.g. a screen recording as explained in this article) and/or some screenshots clearly exhibiting the issue.

  2. Once you have the video, attach it to an email and send it to the Zwift tech support team.

  3. You can contact us here.

The logic behind my request for a video is that if our support team can see exactly what happens when you’re going through the login process, it may inspire us to provide you with further troubleshooting.

If not, a video provides us with a clear example that we can pass on to the Zwift developers for a bug report.

Thanks Steven , will do.

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