Zwift loader doesn't save passwords anymore

Why doesn’t the (cutting) edge loader save our passwords anymore. I will save the email addresses for my wife and I but not our passwords. How can we fix this. Thanks.

You can’t.

Use a reputable online password manager.

That’s what everyone should be doing anyway, so you can have a unique strong password for every different website/account. Anything else is asking for trouble.

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or just use Z1234 like I do very easy to remember. :sunglasses:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


At least on MacOS, Bitwarden doesn’t fill in the password and you cannot paste into the password field.

On Windows you can use Crtl-V to paste in the password. Is there not a similar paste shortcut on Mac? Cmd-V?

On MacOS it’s Cmd+V. This works virtually everywhere in the OS except Zwift.

Zwift should fix that on MacOS.

You’ve got it easy though. Just think about us poor ATV users when we have to enter a long, strong password into Zwift without having a keyboard.

A mighty PITT (pain in the thumb) if there ever was one, Steve!
If you have an iOS or iPadOS device handy, you can open the Apple Remote widget on it in the Control Center (having associated the device with your ATV) and, when you need to enter any characters, you can deploy the device’s keyboard within the widget, which speeds things up immensely.

Hi Johnathan @Freighter

If I had to guess, the fact that the saved passwords no longer autofill in the Zwift Launcher could very well be the app working as intended.

That being said, I don’t like relying on guesswork, so I’ve reached out to a higher technical authority on the team to see if they’ll confirm my theory or provide me with any other information I can share with the community. Thanks!

Hi Johnathan @Freighter

I heard back from the team and received confirmation that we do have a known issue that’s logged with the Zwift developers for the PC (Windows) launcher not saving passwords. It seems this is something they’re looking to address.

For Mac Zwifters, I don’t have more information at this time, but there is some work being done on the PC side.


Thanks mate! My wife had a chuckle that she’s had to learn her password again. Now onto family pricing…:wink:

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@Steven_D Hi Steven, Zwift on Android stopped retaining my email and password some months ago. I did post about it but I don’t know if you saw it. I tried reinstalling and clearing the cache, to no avail. Another reply suggested that this just happened with Android sometimes. Any thoughts? Thanks, Ed.

Hi @Ed_Lazda

I usually try to stay on top of what’s going on in the Bugs and Support part of the Forums, but you’ve posted about that here in General Discussion, so that’s likely why I missed it. I’ll read that thread and offer commentary. Thanks!