Windows password not being cached

HI all,
whenever I get a zwift new release upgrade the password has to be re-entered all over again - I thought this had been fixed?
ON a normal PC its not really an issue but as this is my Zwift machine i need to use a small awkward little keyboard to do it.

Yeah, same here, both PC (didn’t change when I upgraded to a new one) and Mac. As a consequence, my 20-character computer-generated alphabet soup of a password has stuck to my memory already years ago.

Is this the same for everybody or just some of us? Really annoying in any case.

I’ve never experienced that on my Windows 10 machine

Mine seems to have a random memory. I’ve not discerned any pattern to when I have to re-enter it.

Windows 11 FWIW

My impression is that it’s not whenever Zwift updates that windows password needs to be reentered, but rather most of the time when Windows OS updates.

Hi @Sean_Gallivan, Thanks for using the Zwift Forums!
I’m Fernanda, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

I can understand the frustration of re-entering the full password on a small keyboard, in this case, the issue can be related to the Edge Browser, that Zwift uses for Launching. You’ll likely need to adjust your settings in Edge so that your Zwift username and password are remembered/auto-filled when you open the launcher.

Let me give you the steps for doing this:

  • Open Edge.
  • Go to Settings and more.
  • Settings (gear icon)
  • Profiles.
  • Passwords.
  • In passwords you need to select “Autofill passwords and passkey”.

Let me share a screenshot of the process:

Once you complete this the password must be re-entered every time you Launched Zwift.

Ride On.

It’s not every time every time, but every time after a Zwift upgrade. Actually nowadays on Windows it’s not really every upgrade but maybe every other one (on Mac it’s still every single time), so maybe it might indeed have something to do with OS updates, haven’t kept track of that. At some point a couple of years ago it was even more frequent than that but still never every single time.

Thanks for your reply. I exclusively use chrome. It’s not a great issue in the grand scheme of things. Just a little annoying.

You might think that you exclusively use Chrome but Zwift chose to use Edge as part of the login. I’ve been thinking of removing Edge completely but I believe that would break my ability to log onto Zwift. Crazy.