Why do I now always have to re-enter my password? [macOS 12]

Hi - until sometime fairly recently, the Zwift login screen would usually auto-fill my credentials on the login screen, making it quick & easy to login while sitting on my bike & reaching over to the laptop. As I recall, the only time I needed to re-enter the password was the first time after an upgrade was installed.

For some time now, that behavior has changed and I’m required to enter my p/w every time. This, frankly, is a pain in the ass. I usually don’t launch Zwift until I have my training setup arranged and I’m pedaling on the bike, so reaching over to type is a nuisance.

Why the change, and what would it take to change back?!?!

Thank you,

I never, well very rarely, have to re-enter my password. I’m on windows 10. Something in your local settings must not be saving it?

Hi @Barry_Smith1
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. When you say “fairly recently” would you say this started two months ago?

Looked through your server logs for clues. On April 26, you logged in to Zwift several times. The first time your macbook was on macOS 11.0. On subsequent logins that day, your laptop had been updated to macOS 12.0.

As far as I know no changes were made to the Zwift launcher app for mac. I wonder if this password behavior is an Apple requirement starting with OS 12?? If that’s the case, i expect this would have come up on our forums prior to now, so that might not be the case. Let me ask the devs to see if they might be familiar with it.

Also: is there more than one Zwifter in the household sharing that same laptop?

Hi Thanks for posting and looking into this! I’ve also been experiencing this lately on my Mac mini M1. II bet you’re right that it is a Mac OS 12 issue. I am the only one that has used it on my mac in at least a year. My username appears but not the password.
Thanks for everything!

I don’t get asked for my password on macOS 12, nor on my latest test on macOS 13 dev beta.

Same issue for me. Email is filled, but not password and no autologin…

Tdoay did udate zwift to 1.29. It asked me my password with a remember me checkbox while downloading the assets. But afterwards, launching zwift brings the huge window with no autologin or password prefilled… Copy/Paste is not possible either :frowning:

Hi Shuji,

Just a follow-up, I’m continuing to see the behavior on my MacBook (MacOS Monterey 12.4). The login screen comes up, my username is pre-filled, but I always need to input my password.

To provide some context: I can understand it might be easy to think “What’s the big f***ng deal, that you need to type in a few characters to login?!?”
Except: usually this is happening around 5:30 am (the only time I can fit in my workouts), I’m barely awake, my laptop is on a stand next to the bike (connected to my TV), I’m having to do contortions to get to the keyboard, I choose fairly secure/complex passwords but my typing isn’t at its best… all I want to do is start pedaling, and I’m being forced to do something I don’t think I should have to do. In the moment, the LAST thing I need is any obstacles between me an my ride.

So… is anyone actually looking at this issue and trying to find a solution?

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This usually happens if there had been some Zwift update, but it’s rare. I’ve seen the issue but don’t know the exact cause.

Hi Barry,

I had a similar experience today. However, I deleted the Zwift resource file and reinstalled it and the problem no longer reproduces.
macOS Ventura 13.1
Deleted files

~/Library/Application Support/Zwift/
~/Library/ Preferences/ZwiftApp.plist

I disliked the behavior of the macOS version that made me enter my password every time, so I only used the iPad version from June 2020 until now. Today, my new monitor (Apple Studio Display!) and arm (CBS Flo!) arrived, After logging into the macOS version for the first time in a while, various problems appeared, including problems logging in and not being able to cancel the full screen state, so the above work was done after the race.

The login screen before I did these things was still the login screen of a very old version. This is the first time today that I have seen the new login screen after reinstalling :slight_smile:

@shooj I’m thinking that the developer may be experiencing unintended issues with App updates after a long hiatus or old resources left behind.