Logging on twice

Hiya all,

I have noticed today the I having to put my password in twice once on the old log on screen and again on the new one I am running Zwift on a MacBook Pro. Anyone else having this happen to them?

I don’t run on a macbook but surprised you are seeing two logon screens.

Could you add a screen shot of the two logon screens migth be some helpto troubleshoot.

i think this is the kind of thing that uninstalling and then reinstalling zwift will fix so you can try that if nobody else has a better solution

I had the same a few weeks back. After 18 months of Zwifting on the same iMac without having to provide my password despite occasionally I then had to enter my password every single time when starting Zwift and then twice - once in the launcher and a second time in the app itself.

What fixed it for me was to uninstall and remove all Zwift settings - I removed a Zwift specific folder within ~/Library followed by a fresh install. Since then I did not have to reenter my password again.

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Thanks that great

There is a support document for this process