Zwift always asking for login

I’ve noticed recently that Zwift always requires me to login even when I have the Remember Me option selected? Has there been a security update recently that requires this?
Even when I’m logged in on my laptop then go to open  my mobile app it asks me to log in again?

getting annoying.

The log in servers have been under maintenance a few different times in the last month, which would force you to log back in. The lastest one was last night. So that might be what has caused this.

Ok, I’ll buy that I guess although it’s been happening for a few weeks now. 

UGH! So annoying. Zwift has been making me sign in at least once a week. Stop it.

Already too many clicks to get started “Let’s go” (duh - I launched the program didn’t I)? I want to just start the program and get my shoes on etc while it goes through its process. No, it gets stuck waiting for needless input.

Sorry about this, guys. We have been through a few different server maintenance times like Benjamin was mentioning, but since switching servers, we’ve found that a lot of our members haven’t been able to automatically log in.

If you’re on Windows, try resetting Internet Explorer back to default settings:

On a Mac (OSX), iPhone, or iPad (iOS), you’ll need to manage and remove Zwift’s KeyChain entry.

Once Zwift’s entry is deleted, reboot your Zwift Device and log in one more time. This time around, it’ll save the new server path and should allow autologin to begin working again.

If none of that works, please email us at so we can research the issue a bit more.

Same here. I don’t use Internet Explorer, so not sure how that would help for login, but I’ll try. For folks that do use IE, resetting to default settings will cause them to lose a lot of settings that they might not even know or remember. There’s nothing you can do for your app itself?

So long as you’re running Zwift under Windows, Zwift is using Internet Explorer regardless of whether you personally prefer to use other web browsers.

The issue with Internet Explorer is that when a user or security software changes security level settings or change the way Internet Explorer handles cache and cookies, it can prevent other apps from accessing Internet Explorer’s saved passwords feature. Sure, getting people to change their security settings back is just as applicable, but trying to instruct people on how to do that is an entirely different story. Resetting is much easier process involving far fewer steps.

Besides, people shouldn’t solely be trusting their web browsers to store important login information and account credentials. If active logins are lost and members don’t remember their passwords, that’s kinda their bad.

Eventually, we may change the way Zwift remembers and recalls passwords. I can’t claim we’ll always be using KeyChain and Internet Explorer. Changing it is going to require a large overhaul of the way Zwift is designed, though - so right now; because Internet Explorer is such an important dependency, there isn’t much we can change about Zwift itself to repair the issue server or client side.