Tedious typing of full email address and password iPad

Is anyone else fed up of ZWIFT refusing to permit Apple keychain or Dashlane to auto-populate the login screen for you on iPad? So frustrating. Every time…type email address…type password. :roll_eyes:

I see people complain about this. I don’t know why but I never have to do this. I did it once at the start and I’ve never had to since. So I feel like something must be different with our iPad set ups.


Thanks. I guess I should make clear that I am using the ZWIFT app for iPad (not ZWIFT via a browser). Never have this issue with the app for iPhone nor any other app on iPad.

I have never had this issue on the iPad. I put in my email and password the first time and they have been there ever since. Maybe try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that corrects it? Or maybe there is some setting you have triggered that is causing this?

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Lucky you! Brand new iPad. Installed and uninstalled ZWIFT several times…no difference. Settings are fine. This is a ZWIFT issue for iPad…historical forum posts going back to 2017 suggest no definitive fix.

Clearly not an issue for Zwift and iPad because if it were this thread would be really long by now. It might be an issue for Zwift and SOME iPads, but it doesn’t seem to be a general or widespread issue. I hope you’re able to find a solution to this, but it may have to be your own sleuthing unless there are a lot more reports of this issue.


Thanks. Companion app works fine for me in this regard. Clearly a problem with the main ZWIFT app. I’ve raised a support ticket … all part of the monthly fee my friend.

Have you tried what is suggested here

Thanks Ben. Yes, found that suggestion previously…tried it multiple times and again just now…the suggested fix for OS does not work for me.

@J_Featherstone welcome to Zwift fourms.
The iPads I’ve personally used to Zwift remembered the account that logged in last. But these iPads didn’t have any password manager apps installed on them, so I’m guessing it’s the password manager app setup that needs closer attention.

I don’t use Dashlane. I use Lastpass instead, which has options to block / allow Autofill for certain domains & apps. I’m wondering if Dashlane has similar options?

I found this support page on Dashlane. Have you read through the articles over there?

Thanks. I do not use Dashlane on the iPad. The iPad I am using is brand new and is using my Apple keychain to store account login details.

For what it’s worth, I have Dashlane on my iPhone…the ZWIFT app blocks it there in addition to the keychain.

Does anyone actually use the ZWIFT app with auto-fill login working on iPad? Yes, auto-fill works if you run ZWIFT from a browser on iPad but the app?

If anyone does I’d appreciate a heads up on the OS version and the key settings within OS Settings that are resulting in success.

Not interested in anyone else telling me ‘it works so it must be my problem’. Maybe it’s an Australian thing?

Australian here. Zwift isn’t a browser app. I use the zwift app on an iPad. I don’t have to log in just click my name. iOS 13.5.1 (but all previous ones worked too) zwift 1.0.53005 (but all previous ones worked) I have background app refresh turned on but zwift doesn’t use that, I have a PIN to unlock the iPad (maybe this is needed?) not sure what other settings could affect it. I use an iPad Pro 9.7 inch.

Apologies…I imagined Zwift could also be run from a browser (in addition to the app). My iPad Zwift app is up to date (1.0.53005). I use a iPad Air Generation 3 touch ID (which is has the current OS update in force - 13.5.1) My Zwift credentials are correctly noted in OS Settings/Passwords & Accounts. I tested the iPad by loading the Zwift Companion app (even though that is for iPhone not iPad). That offered and accepted my auto-fill credentials. Guess I am just stuck with tedious typing each time I ride…

Hmm I just looked under settings / passwords and the only zwift password that was in there was one saved in safari that was actually incorrect. So thats weird.

I’m confused. You cant run Zwift from the browser, only the main app. So why do you need to log into the website each time you ride?

He means to log in to the zwift app he is required to type username and password in every time. It doesn’t hold on to the log in data.