Opening Zwift

Hi, was wondering why when I go on to Zwift on my iPad I have to put my email and password in all the time where before I did not need to any ideas.
Many thanks
Barry T

I sometimes get this on the companion app on ,my phone if there is no signal when i try and log in.

do you have mobile data or wifi signal at the time?

I have wi-fi this has only happened in the last week I’m going to open a ticket tomorrow.
Barry T

This has been happening to me too, intermittently, over the last few months - but on my PC.

I’ve been using Zwift for 2+ years now, and for the longest time? I’d be signed in automatically after launching the app. At some point (I wish I could say precisely when), there was an update that seemed to screw things up re: login, so I’d have to get off the bike and type my e-mail & PW.

Even more recently, there seems to be a different issue where - if login is unsuccessful - I no longer have the option of retrying. My only option is to EXIT Zwift then re-open the app and start the process of signing in all over again. Sometimes, it takes 2 or 3 tries. Other times, it signs me in automatically w/ no problems. It’s random.

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Thought I had done something wrong but obviously not
Barry T