Companion App Sign-in


Not sure if anyone else has this problem. But it seems every time I open the Companion app I have to sign-in with no “Remeber me” option. Is there a setting or something for me to tick that just allows me to be signed in all the time? I have a passcode and fingerprint lock on my iPhone already so I am not sure why the app feels like I need to log in every single time I open it. 


Thanks for the help in advance. 

Sorry to hear Zwift isn’t remembering your login credentials Donovan! We are aware of this issue happening on the Zwift Companion app and our teams are on the case. No estimated time of arrival on a fix yet, but we’ll keep everyone updated. Thanks for being patient with us! 

Edit: We’re monitoring this issue over at this link:

Stay tuned for updates and thank you again for being patient with us!

This has been happening for a while and has been really annoying…to the point that I almost deleted the app. Decided I would search to see if someone else had the same issue. I will be patient and wait for it to be fixed now that I know it is being worked on

Thanks Vincent, 

I did try to search the question before asking it on here but I couldn’t find a question or a reply. 

Hope it gets sorted soon then.