Can’t sign in from IPad Air 2

Hi there folks, I just reignited my subscription after a year of using Tacx. I can log in via web no issue. iPhone no issue. iPad : it won’t even let me type in my email address never mind passwords. It’s like it not recognising the keyboard and it makes no difference if I touch the screen. If I try to reset password it asks for the email address that I can’t type in!! Frustrating!! Any help appreciated

That sounds rather odd. Have you tried deleting the Zwift app and reinstalling it?

Hi Paul!

I’ve seen what I think is the same issue on an iPad.

Try this:

In the Notepad app on your iPad, type your UserID and password on separate lines. Copy the UserID.

Go into Zwift, “Add New User.”

PASTE UserID in the appropriate field. Go back to the Notepad, repeat above for password.

When I had this bug happen, I only had to do the above fix once then it stuck. If you have the option of using an external mouse and keyboard for ⌘-C, ⌘-V (copy/paste), that can also make the process go more smoothly.

awesome will try this thanks!