Suddenly have to Log-in lately

 Why are we suddenly having to sporadically Log-in? Sometimes on the computer. Sometimes on the cellphone. Sometimes on both. Sometimes on neither. 

If it’s happening sporadically, you’re probably noticing login issues following server maintenance. If that’s the case, Zwift will go right back to remembering your password within a login attempt or two afterward. I’m sorry about any inconvenience that may cause, but the server maintenance is necessary.

If it’s persistent, as in Zwift always asks you to log in manually, on your Windows 8 desktop, that usually means that Internet Explorer needs a reset. Zwift uses Internet Explorer’s saved passwords feature by a default and sometimes that information can become corrupted.

Honestly, I don’t get many reports about Zwift Companion not allowing for auto-login unless it has been really intermittent and caused by server maintenance. If you’re noticing Zwift Companion doesn’t allow for saved credentials all the time, please let me know.

I am having the same issue with my up-to-date iphone. After a few automatic logins, companion asks me to log in manually. I have not measured the exact frequency but it seems like after about 2 or 3 auto ones over 2 or three days, I get the request for manual login.


Since my last reply, I found out we’re starting to see a series of autologin problems.

From what I’ve been told, the issue is fixable from our side and our developers are already working on it. We don’t have any specific date slated just yet as we’ve only gotten passed the point of collecting information, but it shouldn’t be long.

Thanks for your patience!

I’m experiencing this as well, I get logged out of the companion app pretty frequently.  Besides fixing this issue, would be nice if the iOS app had Touch ID / Face ID support.

Yeah as David said this manual login issue is being worked on so stay tuned for updates! I appreciate the feature suggestion as well Albert :slight_smile: If you want to go into detail or have more feature requests you can submit to our Feature Requests forums. We’d love to hear your ideas!