Lost login information / Updates

My (other computer’s) Zwift installation just decided an update is due. Thanks.

Notice the blank Email/Password … This is a rather regular occurrence in the last couple of months…

frustrating and annoying.

(Yes, fully updated, etc.)

Seems rather random when this happens. I’ve never had it for an update but I’d say once or twice a year i get it.

I suspect it’ll be more to do with a Windows update being applied. If it’s your spare computer is there a chance it’s not been turned on for a while and subsequently had a few Windows updates applied?

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All of my computers are 100% up to date . Alweys.

And no, my take is that a Zwift “issue” is several orders of magnitude more likely the cause.

Zwift, please fix it. Thanks!

it will be something to do with internet explorer/edge as that’s where the login details are stored iirc

Used to be, not any more. They’re stored in Zwift’s own folder in AppData.

No widespread reporting of the issue that I’ve seen.

Did it affect both of your computer’s with the last update?

By now, my guess (I challenge anyone to prove me wrong… not possible, but please) is most Zwifters have despaired from reporting or complaining, as nothing really happens, and the responses are always along the lines of “your PC is not updated”, “Internet connectivity issues”, “interferences”, “reset router”, and the like (none are completely inconceivable - it is just that a Zwift “issue” is highly more likely, in my opinion…)

If you apply the notion of “no widespread reporting” to the “London Plow” or “Watopia Villa Plow” (search the forums…), you might get the impression it does not exit, or a rare occurrence. I invite anyone to ride there and see for him/her self… Absence of (widespread) reporting of an issue is not an absence of an issue.

Alas, my other PC has already updated. I do seem to recall being asked to enter login credentials - you know, the kind of things a Zwifter has to contend with on a semi-regular basis, that eventually just fades away with a shrug.

Now, (inviting technical/expert opinion here) is it customary in the SW business for applications to fail/reset credentials upon system update? or fail if an available update was not applied?

I wonder.

(I challenge anyone to prove me wrong… not possible, but please)

Is there any point in further replying then?

But just fyi I’ve just updated and didn’t get asked to login again.

Sure there is. Anyone is fallible, yours truly included. Alweys open to admit I was wrong.

Glad to hear some are not asked to re-enter credentials. Unfortunately, I am lost as to how to apply this toward my setting, or what general conclusion to draw … but thanks for the info - any additional data point may prove helpful.

For what it’s worth, I don’t get logged out on my main system unless ZHQ invoke some sort of server reset, which happens from time to time. But it’s very rare, and usually follows a large outburst of complaints about not being able to log in.

I occasionally get logged out on my laptop, which must be due to the typical expiry of credential validity over a set timescale. But again it’s not common; I must be logging in often enough.

In either case, there’s absolutely no correlation to game updates for me.

Any idea what that timescale is?

(Also, just realized I may have created the impression this is Zwift Update related… This time it occurred while updating - however, I’ve seen this occurring unrelated - so most likely not update related.)

I’m afraid not, though I’d say it’s probably several weeks at least.

I get logged out at least once per month, and when it happens, I have to log in to the website pretty much every time as well (Companion keeps working though), so some kind of a credential reset sounds plausible.

I was actually referring to the game itself, not the website, although the same question applies to both: what is the credential expiry time for the following:

  • Web Site
  • Game login

Would love to have some clarification from Zwift…

(btw, seems Zwift did do away with browser cookies for login… - so no luck there… :expressionless: )


Yes, I was primarily referring to the game itself as well, but was also pointing out that logging out of the website (on a different machine) seems to happen at the same time consistently.

… next update, same issue.

And nobody from Zwift even bothered to respond.

No issues on all 3 of my Zwift setups. One Windows & 2 Android devices.

None have asked me to login again.

I wonder if there’s some local setting somewhere that’s removing your login credentials?

Zwift credentials are local to the application (hasn’t always been like that - but now is.) So no - credential expiry is totally under Zwift’s domain.

… and I don’t mind the expiry - just wanted to know what the credential life expectancy is… but Zwift won’t answer.

Tagging that guy over and over doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t work for the company and hasn’t even done a ride for two years.

so I guess no harm done… most likely he doesn’t even read the forums.

(but I will try to avoid tagging the name of the application we all love to use)