Can't login, zwift tells me wrong credentials

Zwift just did most recent update, since then I can’t login on my windows 10 PC.
I’ve tried to have them send me a reset email about 5 times but don’t receive anything. I’ve checked all my folders.
I can login through browser using same PC. Not using autofill.
I’ve deleted pref.xml file in user profiles, cleared cache in Firefox browser, uninstalled and reinstalled zwift, changed password manually in browser.
Still no login.
At first thought it was web maintenance on your end but still no login today.
What am I missing here?

Ok, so very embarrassing. Went through the basics again and found a misspelling in the autofill for user name. Didn’t pick it up till just now. Ooof!
Up n running again. Not sure why auto fill misspelled but at least it’s fixed

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