Zwift App won't log in and cannot connect to using WiFi

I have a problem which I don’t think is Zwifts issue but not sure how to get it resolved.

I can use zwift for workouts and riding connected to my Home UK BT Fibre Broadband over WiFi without any problems.

My PC on the same network cannot connect to, but can connect to as it is now.

I am unable to log in to the Android Mobile Link App on my phone when connected to the same WiFi, but if I switch WiFi off and use 4G it logs in fine.

I assume there is an issue with my UK BT Broadband provider connecting to and the address behind the mobile app, maybe a DNS problem but I’m not really sure.

Any pointers on what I could do to resolve this would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks



Similar issue today, tried to use my iphone and my android tablet.  Neither would play well.

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Had a similar issue.  I used the auto-correct suggestion for my email.  Did not notice it inserted a trailing space.  Deleted the trailing space and I was able to login


I’m having the similar issue. I can’t log in to Zwift with Zwift Companion App on Android at ALL. It simply says password incorrect. If I use LTE it just works. I’ve just did:

  1. Connected to WIFI

  2. Launched Zwift Companion App

  3. login screen appeared - I can’t log in using my password

  4. Exited from app

  5. disconnected from WiFI - switched to LTE

  6. Launched Zwift Companion App

  7. I’ve been automagically logged in and moved to home screen

what’s going on guys? 

 // edit:

fyi, I’ve fixed that myself by clearing out the application data. It is working now!