Zwift activity completed, saved to PC as a completed activity but did not upload to zwift

Hi, I completed Stage 5 of the Tour for All today on Watopia’s Waisteband route. Mid route zwift stopped showing the other people on the activity. The activity finished and I was also given the achievement of completing Watopia’s Waisteband. I’m using a Windows 10 PC. When trying to save and exit the activty Zwift gave an error message stating it could not connect to the internet and to try again. I disconnect and reconnected the laptop to my home Wi-Fi and Zwift closed successfully. The activity didn’t upload to zwift.
I can see in the Zwift\Activities folder on my PC a .fit file for the completed activity. I have been able to upload this activity to Garmin connect. It shows the fully completed route distance and elevation, power data etc. Is there a way to manually upload this file to my Zwift account or for the file to be recognised by the Zwift software running on my laptop? Zwift had upload a partial activity to my account which I deleted in case it was preventing the full activity from loading a as duplicate but this did nothing (I was obviously clutching at straws with that one!).

Happens a lot or is happening a lot according to the forums. Unfortunately, There isn’t a remedy that will get to you your ride back onto zwift.

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Thanks Ben.