Zwift Academy workouts bug

2 times i have the same issue with ZA workouts rides. i join the pen but workout is not loaded…. i don t have any avatar screen, no intervals arch, no intervals instructions and of course no Erg…it s like if i was in free ride mode. i see everyone with screen in front of their bikes except me and my ride is register in strava as « open category » title instead of za workout

am i alone with this issue?
hoping it will be fixed asap

I’ve seen one other person post a similar issue, not sure if they resolved it? Are you certain you are on the latest version of the game, fully updated? What platform do you use?

i m running zwift on a windows laptop, all updates done (zwift and windows), no other issues than that….

I hate to ask the obvious, but have your tried rebooting and then getting into the pen? Sometimes when I can’t get gear paired exiting out of the game and rejoining solves the problem. Rarely have issues requiring rebooting but it has happened. I currently run Zwift on an M1 mini, in the past have used an ATV 4K and a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro.