Zwift academy workout Crashed

AARRGGHH!! Right at the end of today’s “Zwift Academy Workout #3” which, started at 5:10pm, I had completed the entire workout and had less than 2 minutes of cool down left and…Zwift Crashed…
First time it’s ever happened to me, looks like workout is gone, never happened. I was able to get zwift to come back up and it gave me “Looks like your Zwifting was interrupted would you lie to continue?”…did that and it too me all the way back to the begining and showed the workout was over and I had done nothing…
Already sent zwift support a request for help, hopefully they find it? Glad I was also logging it in my garmin 520 plus, so I should be able to submit that to zwift and Today’s Plan for proof that I did actually complete the workout.
Done venting, it appears I’m not the only zwifter this has happened to in the history of all things zwift…I’ll get offline now and go cry into a beer…or eat a pizza…
Making bad jokes to ease the frustration!

Hey. This just happened to me. Aarrgghh. Last 4 mins. Did you get it sorted?

No, even sent Zwift Support an email and, got a response directing me to the Zwift FAQ’s of “How to connect your Ziwift account to 3rd party applications/programs” (e.g.-Training Peaks, Garmin, Today’s Plan, Strava, etc.)
which, I already have my Garmin, Training Peaks, and Today’s Plan accounts all cross linked with Zwift…
The Workout I finished (that crashed in Zwift) actually posted in Training Peaks, and in Today’s Plan, for some odd reason, it is not being credited in Zwift Academy, even though the workout now shows up in my Zwift account, Zwift Acadaemy, and even in Zwift Companion in iOS.
I didn’t even have to do a “.fit file” transfer by email, from my Garmin to send to Zwift, as the crashed workout is now showing up inside Zwift.

Anyone at Zwift, can you help me out here or what? This is now the second time asking for help on the same problem…It is reasonable to expect some type of customer service at $15 a month (aka $180 USD a year…) for Zwift.

eating… :popcorn: … watching what zwift does… :no_mouth:

Have to give Zwift tech support credit, they credited the workout that crashed, to my Zwift Academy totals! Huge thanks to them and applause​:clap::clap::clap::metal::beers: