Zwift Academy Tri 2022 Workout During Meetup Not Counted

I selected a workout during a meetup for Zwift Academy Tri 2022 (Ride Workout 2); the “Keep Everyone Together” meetup duration was 75 minutes on Castle to Castle, and the Workout was 55 minutes and completed entirely within the bounds of the Meetup.

A few things to note:
-The ERG mode wasn’t working properly on my KICKR Bike - I was getting increases and decreases of resistance, but not power stability. By some miracle, I achieved 15/15 stars, but barely. I was really paying attention to this, and it took away from the social aspects of the meetup. But that could be a Zwift problem, or that could be a Wahoo problem, or that could be a glitch. I checked ERG settings on the bike, and they were as they should be configured. But I did not have an “ERG ON” or “ERG OFF” toggle in my Companion app during the Workout during the Meetup. Just Incline and Bias. I am used to seeing an “ERG ON” toggle in the Companion app, but it was missing.
-The Workout was marked as completed in the ZwiftApp.
-The ZwiftApp showed 3/6 Workouts completed (I had completed the Run portion and that made the value already “3”); Zwift Academy Tri 2022 Ride Workout 2 should be “4” as I have not done “1” yet as those group events are ongoing, and I plan to do that.

But being that I’m not sure of my work schedule, I wanted to squeeze in Zwift Academy Tri Workout 2 and Workout 3, whether that needs to be on my own, but I would expect it should work in a meetup. I did legitimately complete it.

Please see the screenshots.
Workout completed:

No change in completion count:

PC ZwiftApp, current version (26 October 2022, Evening UTC-7).

Same issue this year in ZA Road. A short thread to read but I think end result was no fix for the problem but @James_Zwift says credit would be given manually at their end.

James might jump in here to say if same is going to happen with ZA Tri. His final advice was to not do ZA workouts in meet-up,

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I would expect the same issue to happen.


This has happened to me off and on throughout the past - I ended up redoing them. I find it as another form of dangling carrot to chase.

If this can ever be fixed, we would appreciate it!

Maybe something as straightforward as a software validation step “during event calendar/timeframe windows, check the Workouts list in the Zwift library and if the criteria are met, update the completion status” if the platform architecture allows it?