Error in ZA Workout 2

This evening I signed up for a group workout on the Sprint workout, but had a mechanical about 10 minutes in and so I quit and started the workout as a solo ride.

When I started the solo workout, instead of it giving me 30s of “free ride” on either side of the 10s sprint (which is what it gave me in the group workout) it told me I had to do 30s at 70W and 90RPM, which is almost impossible - especially on either side of a flat-out sprint.

Please could someone help me figure out what went wrong?

Hopefully this screenshot should help illustrate what I got:

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Nothing went wrong, its just a poorly designed workout. I don’t think the coaches who wrote them bothered to test them out, and probably don’t even use Zwift to begin with.

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Thanks. The fact this happened in solo workout but not group shows it’s nothing to do with the coaches who designed the workouts and I’ve actually heard the coaches talk about ZA - they sound like they know their stuff. :+1:
And sorry to the forum people - I’ve just realised I probably posted this in the wrong place.

Ok, I looked them up on ZCA and Dan Fleeman is level 42, but didn’t see Stephen on there. Still not sure about those 30 second low power blocks before and after each sprint, doesn’t work too well with ERG mode.

For the 30s after sprint sections did you stay in the high gear you used in the free ride section? I found that if I tried to switch to the lower gear I usually use in ERG mode that the trainer just took too long to adjust. For all subsequent workouts I’ve kept in the higher gear (but obviously still ERG mode) and only changed down when I’ve got to a longer section. Also I just kept pedalling on the transition rather than totally back off which would be the natural thing to do. No idea if this makes sense or is any help.

Hi David, it didn’t really matter what I did in the 30s after the sprints - with the energy the sprint put into the trainer’s flywheel, even if I stopped pedalling completely my trainer still took most of the 30s to drop from ~700W to ~100W, so I had no chance to get down to the 70W the error wanted from me to “win a star”.
I would have been utterly confused if I hadn’t seen the group workout and known what it “should” be like; instead I was just marginally confused and had to try and ignore what it was telling me and use the 30s to power up and down.

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