ZA workout 2 issues, but... :)

Didn’t want to add this to the other discussions on the problems with this workout - I had them all - companion app asking for +15rpm at all times (also in WO#1), incorrect text messages, some confusion on using erg mode (or not) for any/all of the sprints, trainer not slowing down quickly enough to hit the 30 secs low power segments…


Boy oh boy, did I enjoy this one!
It really played to my strengths (I’ve always been a sprinter, or even dasher. Running, I’d count the 200m as a medium distance race!) and I finally got the 1.21 Gigawatt badge - actually peaking at 1433w, against my FTP of 238w :smiley:

That’s all I wanted to say, really… none of my family understand/care why I’m so happy at being so sweaty, so I had to come on here :wink:

Looking forward to a race at the weekend, now.


Nice one.