Zwift Academy 2020 - Workout #2 issues

I did the #2 workout and was experiencing issues when the program was supposed to switch from ERG Mode to using gears. This would not be a big deal but, today was working on max spring efforts which caused for some amusing high cadence intervals until I realized gears were not working?? Anyways, 2 out of 6 intervals worked fine the other 4 did not. Anyways, thought I would share so this could be resolved if need be for others.



I had the same issue only none of the intervals worked.

Trainer - Wahoo Kickr
Device: iPad iOS 13.7

Was wondering what this workout looks like:
Text and video suggest 6&10&20 sec intervals.
Event in companion app suggests 6&1 sec intervals.
Workout from folder suggests 10&20 sec intervals.

What did you get? And would recommend or better holding off until they fix?

It look like this.

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I found it impossible to get any of the stars from the low power 30 second bit after the non ERG sprints. Seemed absolutely impossible as the trainer tried to reactivate ERG mode as the wheel spun almost out of control.


Agree. Did it in erg mode which worked for all but the 5th sprint which I was told is the only one that ‘counts’, where it switched out of erg mode for the section before and then into erg mode for the free ride. Thanks. Utter waste of time then? Fix this please.

Same issue on my end. 3 stars not awarded when the wheel was spinning with no resistancen

Same exact scenario on my end

I had the same issues this morning. Missed 4 stars as a result. Also, the descriptions across the screen did not match the upcoming intervals when dropping to the really low interval for 30s right before the sprint.

Thanks guys for all the feedback - I’ll hold off for a little longer lol.

It should look like that Gerrie, apart from there should be some dark orange spikes between the grey blocks in the middle.
Have you done the session? It didn’t work properly for me last night, for the sprints erg mode only disengaged twice, the other sprints I just spun up with no resistance. Ignore the mess at the end, of the ride below, but you can see the two sprint spikes where it did work:

No I did not do that one yet. Next week Monday.

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I had the same exact issue with my Kickr as well. Zero resistance after the first two sprints.

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Same issues with the Wattbike Atom NG - after the sprint sessions the wheel was spinning with no resistance, had to stop and wait for it to sort itself out. Impossible to get the stars for those sections.

I did this workout earlier in the week. using wahoo kickr 2018 and iOS … I too had similar issue of spinning out however I found the solution was to not down shift after the sprint …i sprinted in my big gear and then during the 30 second recovery just gently slowed down so I was in higher watts but once my cadence dropped down to around 80 everything stabilized . All in all I found that I needed cadence to be lower to begin the sprint else when erg was deactivated I didn’t have enough force to kick it in. Hope that helps …

It took me 3 lost stars before I figured it out

Ride on

Same issue for me. Dropped out of erg mode in the free sprints, but no resistance so just spun up to high speed.

I was having those issues with workout #6. As soon as I went under the banner to begin my 10 sec. free ride sprint, I went full gas, and ERG mode did not turn off, so I was just spinning wildly for the entire 10 seconds. I think I figured it out… you have to wait until you feel ERG mode disengage before you really kick. I.e., give it a second or 2. I could easily be wrong about this, but it seemed to work for me in subsequent sprints.