No Tri Progress in Companion App?

With the road academy, there was a progress bar within the companion app, but doesn’t seem to be one for the tri academy?

There was, though it looks like it’s been replaced with a progress bar for the Tour of Makuri Islands for me.

Just checked online my progress - werid - I’ve not got all the unlocks, even thou I’ve done all the workouts (I understand we only get the final unlock if we do the final run / ride) but seem to be missing at least a shirt, no?


Did you do any of them in meetups?

Didn’t think it was a requirement too (only the finish ones) ?

No, there is a problem with getting workout credit in meetups. I guess you’re having a different issue.

The finish line rides are group rides, not meetups.

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Looks like something has changed, happened to fire up the CA this evening and both Academy Tri and ToMI progress are showing now:


I just did them alone from the workout menu.

Ahh. That’s different from a few hours ago!