Zwift Academy Race: Time Trial

I completed this ride this morning and expected it to show in my Academy stats but it has not appeared despite being in my ride log. Very strange.

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Same here. It shows in my Zwift profile, but not on the Zwift Academy portion.

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Under the counter, there is a drop down list of completed activities and it shows there, but it doesn’t look like the counter is working.

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same here: 2 ZAM activities done, but apparently the TT isn’t registering in the ZAM summary count.

I contacted Support and they told me they were going to get the race credited. They said that I should log out of Zwift after doing a warm up ride and then sign back on for the race. I just let Zwift take me to the race and apparently that sometimes causes the program not to recognize the race event in the Zwift Academy summary page.

Hi all, we’re working on getting these TT races credited. For updates on this, please visit our known issues page here.

Thank you for your patience!


Me too,I did it yesterday and still nothing

Thank you Melissa, I didn’t know it was a known issue when I posted.

Hi Liz! Thank you for posting, please continue to let us know when things like this occur.

Same here no credit for the TT I done yesterday
Barry T

We’re working on getting your TT credit as soon as we can.

If you’ve already completed any Zwift Academy TT race, we have your results in our database. The issue is adding your credit to the dashboard. Once we resolve getting your ZA credit to your dashboard, it will automatically update. There is no need to contact our support team, and you can continue with the rest of Zwift Academy as planned.

I’ll update this topic once we have the fix in place.


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I seem to be having the same problem except for myself the ride froze on me when I was at the top. However it is showing that I have completed the TT but yet I am not receiving any credit for it also when I attempt to put this work out along with another on my Strava I get this message from them: The upload appears to be malformed and we are unable to process it.

Hello I still have not seen an update to my Zwift Academy profile in regards to the Zwift - Team Dimension Data Zwift Academy Race: Time Trial on the 6th at 0900 am.

Just received mine for the same race yesterday. If you received an email from them indicating that they are working on the known issue, then I would wait a few more days.

Mine is now correct as well.

I am not seeing any Zwift Academy TT anymore under Events. Have they been taken out?

Hi Jeff! The TT races are no longer on the schedule, however, there are other races you’ll be able to participate in. These will still be under the group rides/races section in the schedule of you ZA dashboard.

I wish they could fix this issue. Time trials are a great tool to compare oneself with others. And in that regard, it would be nice for Today’s Plan to share the current best efforts of the Academy. A “Best Result” isn’t helpful when it appears super-human.
There are still time Trial Tuesdays and Fridays, but no sense of a full chart of Academy hopefuls and their results. Why not add these events to the Academy?