Known Issues

Time Trial (TT) Events Not Receiving Credit (FIXED)

When you complete a Zwift Academy TT race, it doesn’t show up on your dashboard. We’re currently working on a fix. (ETA 3-4 days)

If you’ve already completed any Zwift Academy TT race there is no need to contact support. We’ve already logged your completion and are working on updating your dashboard.

Once we resolve this issue, your credit will automatically update, and you can continue with the rest of Zwift Academy as planned.


Apple TV and iOS Not Receiving Unlocks (Socks, Shoes, Cap)

You may not receive your unlocks if you’re on an older version of Apple TV or iOS. If you’ve completed the 25% marks and have not received your unlocks, I would recommend updating to the MOST RECENT game update.

Once the app is updated, you can log in, press the “Skip” button on the pairing screen (if you’re not going to ride), and click “Ride” on the next page. You must click “Ride” in order to activate the unlocks. If you have any issues, please contact support.

Zwift Academy Races

Races will have results turned on, and late join turned off. Unlike a usual race, however, these group races won’t appear when filtering for races in the Zwift Companion (ZC). Also, due to this setup, ZwiftPower will not recognize these events as races. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. You’ll still be able to sign up for these events in-game, in the ZC app, or through our events page.


Typo in the first workout, hot that 0 RPM! ATV4k


Thanks for the heads up @Ricky_Dee1! I reported to our team.

We’re updating this on our next update release ( probably next couple of weeks). We appreciate you letting us know!

Mike, there were a few more spelling errors in the prompts for Workout #1 besides the 0 RPM issue. I dont remember exactly what they were anymore, but if someone is going to fix the issue that was reported, might as well fix them all.


It doesn’t look like I got credit for my first workout. I kept going after the workout and tagged additional wording to the title which I am guessing may be the root cause. Is there anyway to fix this on my Zwift Academy Dashboard?

Thanks, Rob! Yeah - we caught a few more as we did another run through. Maybe next time we should let our English majors here do the testing instead of our Engineers? :smile:

At least now you guys know it’s fresh material. We’ll get this resolved on our next update. Thanks, again!

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There’s a “write” instead of “right” somewhere in workout #1.

Hi all, I completed the Bologna’s TT with Zwift Academy but on my companion app it had 0% completed I did a different Zwift Academy cycle my app says 8% completed has my first cycle not been added.
Many thanks
Barry T

I changed the title back to normal but it didn’t help

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I joined a group ride this morning (“Zwift Academy 2019 Workout #1: Threshold Development”) and thought the rubberbanding was there to keep us together while doing intervals. But during the ride, I received no prompts, no erg mode was on and it turned out to be a 60 minute Z1/2 cruise in the pack. I even cancelled the ride, restarted the app and joined again, but nothing.

The ride counted towards both, the ZA workouts and the group rides, but I was expecting it to be more of a workout, more structured and more challenging.

Should I have done something different or this the expected group workout behavior? If it is, why do group workouts also count as workouts, because i couldnt see any intensity change?

Tacx Neo 2 + Huawai Tablet as equipment.

Update: Apparently, according to customer service, if you do more than one Workout in a session you will not get credited for your Zwift Academy workout.

Requested that a bug be filed to resolve that oddity. Was told the only option was to quit out of Zwift and start a 2nd session as a workaround, which is kind of craptacular for us slow pokes trying to complete a long route. Was in the middle of a 2 hour climb up Alp du Zwift and training sessions make it far more interesting when you are can only manage 6kph and need all the experience points you can get.

Per Zwift Support Team:

Log out and save your activity both before, and after any Zwift Academy ride. This will ensure you get credit for each individual portion of the Zwift Academy.

Thanks Steve.
Is there a bug filed for this issue? There is no indication in the software that this step is required and seems like it should be a simple-ish fix to avoid confusion. At least the logic part of the code would be simple (keep list of trainings performed during session, if training exists on list update Zwift Academy Training Plan), though not sure if it would be simple in integrate into the existing structure (ie. single variable vs. a list). But, it should be addressed at some point.

The Zwift Support Team is aware. They presented this workaround to avoid the issue going forward. I agree, each ride should record individually without having to exit Zwift entirely. (Maybe this is a related issue – the screenshots I take during the first event end up being available to upload to Strava for the second event, not for the first.)

Thanks again Steve.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Hopefully in the future they can allow you the ability to file bugs instead of just making them aware of the issue. As a 20+ year veteran of the support world in both massive and small companies, I know the mania behind the scenes you guys are probably experiencing with rapid growth and the challenges of getting issues fixed without being given access to the proper tools.

Sorry if I came off as a pain, I’m just a bit bummed about getting “bug blocked” for my plans for total Zwift World domination … or at least combining personal goals of ZA, points, speedy wheels and Tron bike into a fewer personal Herculean efforts. Earning points in this game is a wee bit imbalanced towards those with greater physical assets and us slow pokes take 2x as long to earn em’ for the same amount of relative effort so we gotta get em where we can … maybe one day that will change. Perhaps climbing and experience points based off of effort and cross referencing FTP zones to heart rate zone to help filter out the cheaters … just an idea (wink wink, nudge nudge)… ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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Hi Zwift,

I competed a ZA group ride earlier this week and, similar to TT issue, did not receive credit. It shows in the list of completed activities in ZC, but not the progress chart.


And continuing with the theme of misspellings, it says “Workout 2 - Race Practive” instead of Race Practice. I noticed this on my app as well last night.

Looks like you might have credited me for an group ride event I’ve not done?

I have a TT event that I don’t yet have credit for (defect acknowledged), now I have a single credit in the “Group Rides/Races” column, and I have an additional group ride listed in between Workout 2 and Workout 3 (with no Ride Ons).

I have exactly the same issue - I had signed up to a race which I cancelled with more than an hour to go but it looks like I’ve been credited for it nonetheless… (and still not for the TT I did a few days ago)