Zwift 8/4 user customization


After Zwift 8/4 update my avatar was reset to default and every time I click on user customization button Zwift crashes. I cannot customize my avatar in any way. I tried to do it after a ride and Zwift crashed causing  the fit file saved in my computer to become corrupt and fail uploading to Strava.  

Also during the ride unlocking socks caused me to lose all the other people in the race. After the useless socks finished unlocking I have to chase the rest of the group which reappeared hundred meters ahead of me.  


Is this some kind of unfinished development because doesn’t seem to work as advertised?

Hi there, sorry for the trouble.  It stems from your computer being below our minimum spec, and the drivers being buggy on those Intel 3000 era graphics chips like your machine has.  While your computer is not officially supported we have gone through our pile of older laptops today and were able to reproduce the problem using a 6 year old video driver.   I’ve just pushed a fix out to Zwift with a workaround enabled for this issue.   I can’t promise Zwift will work forever on your machine, but we will continue to try and do the best we can for it.  

As for the socks causing you to lose other people - can you elaborate on that?  I’m not sure how unlock messages could cause you to be dropped from a group.  You should be able to use the game normally during any achievements or unlocks. 

After the update and after the ride started. Asia 100. I started getting messages “you unlocked this type of socks” one after the other. While this happened the rest of the riders on Zwift disappeared. They reappeared after all the messages from Zwift finished but during that time drafting I assume was disabled because I was by myself and even though I kept the power constant I found myself beyond the rest of the group and I needed to sprint to catch them.