Face socks bug

So I have this glitch where no matter what socks I use for my avatar they look like the image above. It’s like the files for all the socks are missing and zwift just renders a face on my characters leg where the socks should be. Its hilarious, weird, and I can even change the height of the face being printed on their legs.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a fix? At this point it’s been going on for months and I half want to keep it this way for the novelty, but I’m curious as to what’s causing the bug.

Hi @David_Neu_VeloPigs, welcome to the forums!

Oh wow, that’s creepy :scream:

First time I’ve seen this reported on the forums. You must be special :wink: I would guess a reinstall of Zwift would fix it, as you said you must have some corrupted assets or missing files.

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I love this and kind of hope it never gets fixed!


LOL… is it the same when in game if you use the sideview perspective, or just in the garage?

Can someone move this to Feature Requests?!


It’s the same in game as well

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Oh… in that case, you should never have reported this. This will end up being the one bug they do decide to fix


Why the long face?