Camera 1 Acting Up Again

Hi All,

I know this is a recurring bug. Last I saw it documented was back in November '22. My avatar is much closer to the bottom of the screen than it is supposed to be in camera 1 view (third person). It looks nearly identical to the camera 2 view (third person short). It doesn’t always do this, but I’ve noticed it when joining a robopacer (almost like the avatar gets stuck in the pedal-assist view, which looks like camera 2). It also occurs during a free ride. Oddly, it looks normal during races. I’m on the most recent version of the game, MacOS, and have Zwift Play connected.

Any others out there?


I saw the same thing after the last update

I cannot see the fire from my fire socks :joy:. Not that happens too many times in a race anyway but I love to know about it :smile:

I’m on macOS with a Mac mini m2. I also have the Zwift play on and normally I join robo pacer for warm up and cool down.

Maybe we should not just end the game and rejoin for the race and actually quit the program and restart again and see if it works?

I tried again tonight. I didn’t join any event/race but if I save or discard a ride and start again I will get to the close up third person bug.

But when I close the app all together and enter a climb portal. It is back to normal camera 1 and when I finished and changed bike to descent … it is back to close up again :scream:

This the the normal third person