Camera 1 & 2 and Zwift Play Issues

Hi All - Apologies if this is a known issue somewhere already on this board, but I wanted to dive in anyway and bring to Zwift’s attention.

Here’s the issue: If you have Zwift Plays paired to the game and are riding around in camera 1 view, the avatar placement/distance is farther away “from you” then when riding in camera 1 view without the Plays paired. I kinda like the farther avatar distance with Zwift Plays paired. BUT, if you’re Plays are paired, and you change your bike (and probably some other items, which I’m not aware of), you’re avatar moves much closer “to you,” or to the bottom of the screen. It’s as if the avatar is stuck in that “too close” view. It’s basically the same view as camera 2. To resolve this issue, I have to turn my Plays off, and then repair them, and the issue resolves itself.

But why should I have to do this in the first place? Shouldn’t the camera views remain standardized regardless of what’s paired to the game?

This avatar positioning on screen in camera 1 has been an issue many times before, pre-Zwift Plays. This latest iteration is just proliferation of an apparently known bug.

I’m not the only one who experiences this issue. Just a quick perusal of Zwift ride screenshots on friends’ Strava accounts will clearly show that their avatars have moved much more closely to the bottom of the viewing screen in camera 1 view. Okay, sure, most people don’t really seem to care about it, but it’s pretty annoying to some (myself included, obviously).

Is Zwift doing anything to fix this bug? It’s been an issue ever since I first paired my Plays back in summer 2023. I can provide screenshots if that’ll help clarify what I’m surfacing.


(2023 Macbook Air M2)

Interesting, I’ve noticed and reported (which I see you found) the issue with zooming in when changing bikes. I thought I had to restart Zwift to fix it, didn’t realize an unpair/repair of the plays would do it too.

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Same as above - i have noticed the zoomed in view when changing bikes (i some tmes get it at other times too but haven’t found any correlation as to why this happens) but haven’t ever tried unpairing/repairing controllers.

I don’t suppose you have ever noticed if the connection drops then repairs by itself if this corrects it?

Hi Chris,

No connection drops. Everything else works as it should for me.

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