Camera 1 view too close after switching bikes [Oct 2023] [1.50]

This has been an issue for a few versions. When switching bikes in the garage, the view for camera view 1 gets locked in too close as if setting the “set gUseSpringyCamera=false” setting in the config file. Have to get completely out of Zwift to reset it and then it’s ok (until you switch bikes again). Here is a video of it, switching wheels is ok, switching bikes is not. You can see as soon as I click on a bike in the garage, the view in the background changes and brings the bike and rider closer. It even happens if you switch bikes at the main screen before starting a ride.

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Yeah I have had this too

Wish they would lock bike colors, getting tired as well as having to revert back all the time when switching back to Tron


Still happening in the latest release and still annoying. :tired_face:

Still happening months later. @shooj any chance this could get looked at? I’ve heard from lots of others complaining about the zoomed in view, just not realizing what is causing it.

Yes, thanks for the nudge. This is one of the reports of a too-zoomed-in camera view.


@shooj Similar/closely related here: Camera 1 & 2 and Zwift Play Issues

@shooj Any updates on the camera 1 “too close” view bug?

This is in our to-do list, but not as high priority as things that break game play.

Great! Just never heard back from anyone since bringing this up initially back in summer ‘23. Appreciate the response. Thanks!

Almost one year and still not fixed?

It’s been an ongoing issue for longer than that, just caused by different things. But I can understand the justification that they’ve got bigger problems to worry about with fixes to problems that actually “break the game.” Still, would be nice to finally get this view bug fixed.