Update your game zwift

its been so many years with this game out and it still feels like a beta build. Why is it if you are in a group ride and if you want to reconnect devices while still in the group, once you go in the menu, the avatar will STOP fully so you have to fight really hard to get back if you can even make it back.

Fix it for ■■■■ sake, we are now paying for a super outdated game that still got bugs from day one

true never understood this. trying to fix heart rate pairing and your avatar has to stop is the end of a race.

Would be good if you only stopped if unpaired power meter.

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if i remember correctly they did try to fix it by having your avatar move at a fixed rate in the pairing screen for a short while and it was immediately abused by people using it to climb at unrealistic speeds


It should be possible to make this work for HRM re-pairing though. Carry on moving as normal when in the pairing screen unless you touch any of the options other than the HRM.

I agree, why not just stop the bits that are unpaired? if your cadence sensor disconnects you don’t stop, how is this different from unpairing it in the pairing screen? Same for everything (other than power of course)

While tinkering a bit with ANT+ and BTLE stuff, I think once you go to the pairing screen the sensors go to a searching mode and that cause all strange things to happen. I am not a programmer so take this as is.

This is a relatively small issue that would only be a problem occasionally at the most. If you think this is still a beta level game you should go try the other options out there for a while and see just how much more developed this game is. Some options are pretty close and have definite benefits but nothing is at this level.


At least I’ve never lost the bunch because of a flat tire on Zwift. :slight_smile:

I have actual had a tyre burst on my wheel on trainer before!

I have too, back when I had a wheel on trainer. Scared the bejeebers outa me.

I had headphones on and so it was the sudden lack of resistance that first alerted me to it!

Oh man! I guess I should say that I’ve broken two Kickr belts in the past, so I shouldn’t have been too flippant above :slight_smile: (Not my kickr, not my belts, and likely user setup error, so also not my problem :smiley: )

that’s a wahoo feature designed to keep you in a constant state of fight or flight and squeeze the maximum potential out of you, every time you work up enough courage to turn the unit on and begin riding

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