Zumo, Zwift - Calibration Spin 150+ kph

Computer: Windows 10 Home, all updates, Lenovo Y50, laptop bluetooth, ant+ usb key
Zwift: Windows, Using Bluetooth to pair trainer with zwift


Today I attached my new road bike (Tarmac SL6 with Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and Giant Dual-sided Powermeter) to my Zumo trainer instead of using my usual very old, dedicated trainer bike (Kestrel) - what could go wrong?

I decided to do a calibration with the Elite app Mytraining and then with Zwift, all while connected by bluetooth to my laptop.

Now, whenever I ride, the resistance is ridiculous and impossible to ride.

When recalibrating, Zwift quickly shows me spinning to 150+ kph before saying to let the trainer come to stop.

In the Elite app, it asks me to spin up to 30kph then changes to 93.8 kph - I feel like the speed asked was always lower like Zwift’s 37 kph.

I’ve tried all combinations of bluetooth, ant+, turning on / off the computer, trainer, old bike, new bike, reset the values of all the apps, change wheel circumference, body weight, turn off wahoo bolt, power meter, you name it… sent reports to Elite for tech support.

If anyone has any ideas, please share - it would be greatly appreciated.


Updates as I go along:
Trainer back with my dedicated trainer bike (old Kestrel).

  1. Adjust Zwift companion app profile - weight from 84kg to 50kg and open zwift app
  2. Pair zwift ios iphone xr app with Zumo through bluetooth
  3. Seems to pedal correctly
  4. Run zwift calibration, asked to pedal to 37 kph, pedal to 40-50kph, asked to keep spinning, eventually accelerate to 60+, zwift asks to wait and let trainer come to a halt
  5. Exit zwift, run Mytraining app and calibrate, still asks to 30 then to 93.8 kph, let trainer come to a halt
  6. Run zwift ios phone app, change settings to 84 kg in profile (so I don’t get banned from Zwiftpower…!)
  7. Seems to pedal correctly
  8. Run Zwift on PC… seems to pedal correctly
  9. Run calibration, get stuck at hold speed around 40kph until I sprint a little, then spindown
  10. Pedals okay, repeat calibration twice…
  11. Seems okay…

4.5 hours spent… will forward to Elite too… So much for my ftp test this afternoon! I really wanted to compare the trainer and zwift with my powermeter on my road bike! Now i’m a little afraid to change bikes again.

Speak to Elite support and they’ll sort it out for you.