Zumo Calibration


I tried to calibrate my Elite Zumo last night but couldn’t apply enough force to get to the 37kph required. Tried for half an hour in 6-7 different gears/efforts but was left in a sweaty mess and collapsed off my bike! Any ideas or am I just rubbish?

Hi @Steve_Mcallister1

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Did you try to calibrate with the Zumo app?

What bike do you have on the trainer, it sound like you have very low gears.

Hi Gerrie,

I tried it on the Zwift Screen. I have a Giant TCR Adv Pro1 so should be ok? The resistance is tough.

Try with the Zumo app. you don’t need to calibrate it in Zwift if you use the manufacturer app.

That bike should be able to get to 34km/h if you are in the big chainring and small gear on the cassette.

That’s great thanks. I didn’t know there was an Elite App. I’ll try tonight,

It’s the Elite My-eTraining app that you want. That will let you calibrate Elite trainers, including the Zumo.

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