ZRL Season 2 - Slow results

What is going on with official results for season 2 of the ZRL? The races took place on Tuesday and there are still no results. Why is Zwift being associated with such a large race series if it’s being handled so poorly? Something like 8K people participated and no one knows where their team placed. This is how you quickly lose motivation and excitement for something.

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It looks like all the fit files have been processed, can you share a link to the race you aren’t seeing results for? I looked at a few from the last couple of days and looks ok to me.

This is for the Zwift Racing League. Zwift partnered with a 3rd party for this series. The 3rd party tracks the official results but they haven’t posted anything even though zwiftpower captured everything on race day (Tuesday this week). Maybe Zwift has no control over this but why partner with someone who cannot seem to handle the workload? This is the biggest race series in Zwift history.

Oh, it must be WTRL then, looks like the results are posted on their site but I don’t have a login to see.

That’s not for the ZRL series. You’ve captured the Team Time Trial races which is different.

Oh, thought they were the same thing?

Apparently there was an e-mail that went out to team managers from WTRL earlier in the week, saying that a significant number of riders did not follow the new Season 2 joining instructions properly and so were not correctly allocated to their teams. This was going to take a while to resolve and until it was done, there was no point in publishing results that were incomplete (teams only having half the riders they expect for example). Hopefully they’ll get these issues sorted out and we can get the full results soon.

Hmm. Curious what the point of the new signup system was if people could bypass it. Seems to just have complicated things with no benefit.

Yes, the delay is giving time to those who didn’t use the proper links, so they can try using the right link otherwise they’ll be DQ’d.

I suspect that what happened is that some people had trouble with the original link and found a way to bypass it, without realising the trouble that this would cause.