ZRL Semi-Finals and Finals

Does anyone know why WTRL’s ZRL site now shows no details for the semi-finals and finals races for Season 3 of 2021/22?

Now the site simply shows the upcoming September season and nothing whatsoever about the season just finished and its experimental semis and finals.

No schedule any more, and I can’t see my teams.

Have these races being cancelled? Or have I been maintaintenanced?

The races themselves are still showing up in Zwift Companion for next Tuesday.

Probably related, Martin was messaging me around 10pm last night asking me to make some last minute changes.

I suspect they will show up some stage today.

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With a few months to play with, please tell me the ZRL is on the list of priorities to be looked at?

It’s a shambles at present and highlights everything wrong with zwift racing… and it’s the flagship community event.


It would seem reasonable to think that we think about our pinnacle racing event quite frequently and have weekly meetings on the topic (albeit not this week because y’know)

See, I can’t help but want to ask how a hundred different issues didn’t get resolved before they happened if you do meet about it every week.

This does not surprise me.

I’m a preventative type of guy, rather than horse has bolted type.

It’s a genuine question, massively obvious flaws happen, but you discuss it each week. Genuine, just how?

Nah that’s a cop out. He’s an easy fall guy as he has ■■■■ comms and way of doing things.

If it’s being discussed each week, why are there so many issues that other people spot before they happen still happening?

Edit - I see you changed your mind :zipper_mouth_face:

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Whose farcical decision was it to allow all the code 7 and code 8 DQd riders from last week to be reinstated?

Was it not enough that the cat boundary leeway was increased initially (from 0.1 W/kg to 0.2 W/kg) after scores of riders exceeded limits, allowing most (but not all) of 'em back in?

I’m sure the pressure of incessant lobbying from team managers (boo hoo, I’ve lost my best riders for the semi-finals) was too much for WTRL (?) or ZRL (?) and they relented. Their pathetic get-out-of-jail-card excuse was that the next races are “test” events, so we can change the rules at our whim.

It makes a mockery of the whole ZRL Series IMHO. Your mileage may vary and I’m sure I’ll get shot down in flames.

Guess all the cruisers are happy though :poop:

I see that all the info has moved to a new page, WTRL Racing Finals - WTRL

Fair enough, but no link from the main ZRL pages - really?

Lol at point 3… After letting all the guys who should have been DQ’d back in.

  • To have as much fun and fair competition as possible.


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Not ours AFAIK.

Bear in mind we have had a “bit of a week” and there’s lots of pretty sad people around right now. Let us regroup and make the series better for the next season and take things from there.

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zwift had no say in their premier racing event? seems unusual

James, please accept my apologies for being a bit insensitive and confrontational (should know better, been there myself, so I know what it’s like. Had to up-sticks in the US and return to UK after losing my job).

Anyway, time to let sleeping dogs lie, and maybe give 'em a good kicking next season. After this, I can’t see any way that WTRL would contemplate using CE for the next season of ZRL (with riders potentially moving up and down in cat on a weekly basis etc).


I’m filing this under “no surprise to anyone”.

At WTRL Racing Finals - WTRL WTRL say that (my emphasis) “During the 2 WTRL Finals races, we are testing several mechanisms and algortihms relating to both the format itself and our ACE (AutoCat) system”.

I can see the.schism getting wider and wider for Zwift CE vs WTRL ACE :man_facepalming:

I know it’s petty but lol

Is this ZRL btw? I thought they didn’t use Autocat for it.

Yep, ZRL. They haven’t used Autocat before lat week’s race, when a huge number of DQs (for exceeding power limits up the Innsbruck mountain) caused WTRL to do all sorts of tinkering post-race, including trying out some Autocat algorithms.

Now it seems they want to do more tinkering with this experimental semi-finals/finals. I assume this will be post-race, because they can’t go and suddenly recategorise people just for these two races.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they’re wondering about implementing Autocat for the following (September) season of ZRL, given that Zwift’s CE will likely be almost everywhere else by then.

I do hope that Zwift are having some very serious conversations with WTRL about CE for ZRL.

Seems crazy to me. Oh well.

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Calling it ZRL (Zwift racing league) and not using Zwift category enforcement just feel wrong.