WTRL ACE (it doesn't mean good)

Considering this: https://support.wtrl.racing/hc/en-us/articles/9015194514331-WTRL-s-Autocat-ACE-System could the rest of us perhaps get the Race Pass functionality now? Seems it is better off being used by community efforts available to all race organisers (especially seeing as those are also clearly both simpler and more effective) rather than something ‘proprietary’ :nauseated_face:


first lets see how it is working on tuesday i think

I agree will see how it goes but on first sight it does not look good for something that has been in development and testing for months. I’ve seen errors within 5 minutes of looking at it. Add to that how much confusion CE brought on top of ZP and now we have Autocat which is a complete black box with no way of understanding it.

Maybe it will all work out and racing will be fun Tuesday but back to James point it’s frustrating that other organisers are constrained by the tools we have. There are lots of great ideas and willing organisers out there but when everything has to be done manually you lose all traction with trying to attract riders.


our team’s scoring seems to make sense, our riders are appropriately ordered. the score is tied to the rider, rather than the team hierarchy though so if i were to race up a cat on my reserve team i’d bring my ridiculously inflated B score with me and cost my A team a whole bunch of points when i get dumpstered. so there’s a pretty major flaw right off the bat


Without even looking at the link does ACE mean Automatic Categorisation Extreme? Because if it doesn’t I will be very disappointed.

Ironically the one thing is doesn’t do is automatically categorise you. Unless that automatic categorisation is to the legacy 20m w/Kg system.

When I log in it just says “calculating” for my entire team… so it’s working great…

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The rankings seem to be up now, but for all my club’s teams they’re all over the place and don’t seem to have much base in reality.

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same here, looking at the scores I’m supposedly ranked top out of our 6 signed up for tonight when in reality I’m nowhere near that, is it partly based on the ZwiftPower rankings I wonder? If I’m reading it right I’m in the top tier against people that can hold far greater power numbers over the 15s/1m

anyone asked on the Facebook page about it? I would but I’m maintenanced over the password shenanigans

The WTRL response will likely be “it is working exactly as intended”.


i think they said as much. it probably isn’t that different from whatever zwiftapp use to rank us (compound score + results)

Last ZRL for me. How about Zwift support real community efforts rather than proprietary commercial operations.


if it is based on results I should be somewhere in the middle

it’s currently typical of zwift to have a system where nobody knows how its calculated or to hold back how its calculated for fear of gaming

I don’t think it’s closely related to the ZP ranking system, based on the wackiness that I can see in my club’s teams.

Our values are not completely wrong. Especially if you add in the values for today’s segments, it sounds logical (Leg Snaper approx. 1 min then Sprintpower). An idea would be today to enter the initials of the name and after the team name in the square bracket the number of the ranking (1-6). But this will not work in the short term and it is also a disadvantage for those who reveal it I think.

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Eh? There aren’t any ranks - just the number of races considered for each rider. Or are you seeing something different to me?

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for the drivers already registered, the best one is first at the top. I looked at it during the night, there were also points before the brackets. Now there are only brackets

OK well that definitely isn’t right for our team! Our low B triathlete with 0 sprint is top :rofl:

i heard the oceania east race didn’t seem to use it so it might have been delayed again anyway. i can’t see any problems with my own team’s rankings though, the guys who score high on segments are ranked the highest

Our guy who has crushed all the segments and got the most points by a country mile is ranked below said triathlete with no segment points.