ZWIFT Racers Association

Hi everyone.

Just reflecting on the feedback coming through about next weeks course change with the Zwift Classics Racing Series @shuji .

The disenchantment from athletes that have been training and preparing for the Muir and the Mountain event has been quite evident.

I appreciate there are two sides to every story however the pattern and style of feedback from racers has also been reflected in previous ZRL seasons and has always brought out the nastier side of humanity, which I believe wouldn’t fit with the objectives or mission of Zwift? or what WTRL are wanting to facilitate.

I’m wondering if there is a better way? a less controversial way?

Long story short… I have some thoughts, however curious to know if there has been any work towards creating a more ‘athlete centric independent body’ that takes feedback from the major teams in the leagues, who would then take the learnings to a ZWIFT/ WTRL panel for the next season of event prep etc. Taking into consideration PL and Community based racing in the WTRL, ZRL and Classics.

Would there there be a missed opportunity to front foot some things here? and be more proactive with athlete feedback season to season, or giving teams a process (voice) to feedback into the program with a simple “what went well?” - “what could we do better?”

This could also extend to cover certification protocols for trainers, rider validation pre-race etc.

Thank you for your time.


I agree @shooj the troll fest that forms the basis of most Facebook groups is once again less than pleasant in response to this . Trying to be constructive while all the “we dont care about this and you shouldnt either” flaming means most people who can contribute to a sensible grown up conversation just turn off. Having something like this suggestion makes a lot of sense to me to give a forum to those who do care . I beleive Zwift do have conversations with several people already but I dont think it is formal , joined up , and neither is it that “democratic” in that is is more about who you know , not what you know ( or can contribute) . It needs to be more representative perhaps .

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