2nd place in race, no ZwiftPower rank posted

Hi Zwift!

I raced in WTRL USA East Women C2 last night (2/14/22) and managed to finish in 2nd. I did not receive a Zwift Power Rank for the effort. I’ve looked through my races the last year, and there are several that probably should have received some indication of rank, but I am not worried about those as much as the last two ZRL races, which should have one based on previous outcomes of lower finishing positions. The winner and 3d place racer received their rank last night.

My ZPower profile/Zwift user number is 3583041.

Please take a look at the following ZRL|WTRL race dates:



You rank is there… and TTT’s don’t get any ranking

Mike, thanks!

Good to know on the TTT…I was not thinking about that, just looking at the missing info. The info appeared while I was typing my request (typical data systems hijinx).

What is driving (or the likely issue) riders #1 and #3 to receive their updates last night, but I did not?

I’ve no idea :man_shrugging: