ZR Racing with Version 1.55

raced today with version 1.55, where now guntime is used.
so at gate an offset time (20s at 0.0). this means my finish time will be the time i see in my screen, when passing the finish banner.
BUT, i got instead again an additional time on my final time.
This should now not be the case.
I do my races with a roadbook (marked roadpoint with its time) and it did fine since 2022 for all races. From others racer videos (YT) i found the offset point and knew this way exactly, how i have to ride. so yesterday, where i did the same race, but on version V1.54

if iam correct, the actual shown results on ZP (my race 18:10 today) are wrong and should be checked by ZHQ.



So you were expecting your race time to be about 32.50 was that the onscreen timer when you finished?

found a stream think this is your race

is a rider on the older version as his HUD clock starts when they hit the road (chip time)
and looking at the finish the first ride crosses about 32.50 which then adding on the gun to chip time would give a finish time around where you are 33.12

Which all looks correct both in companion, zp and on screen unless I’m missing something?

thx gordon,
i looked also on such a yt video from a rider of ths race. his time is exactly what i know from races before v1.55.
my hud cockpit today should to any of my points an offset, which let me not control/compare he time from yesterday.
different to this video, i had 20sec at startbanner 0,0km, which let me think, that passing time at finish is my result and it was 32:55. very confusing, since time control in ZRacing is all for GC.


I’m confused are you saying that you hit the finish banner at 32.55 and you onscreen timer started as soon as you left the pen?

i crossed at 32:55 then line and different to yesterday, after pen and riding through the banner my hud jumps from 0sec to 20sec.
so my hud shows for all of my marked waypoints a different time and let me think, that now finish time in HUD is my result.

like zwiftinsider wrote, gun time should make time control easier. but not for me today


I’m still unclear what you mean.

Do you mean your time jumped 20 seconds at the finish banner?
HUD jumped from zero to 20 seconds when you hit the road (chip time point) ?

at 0,0km passing banner after pen i got 20sec. in my upper main screen.
so rode from that point all the way with that offset. never so before v1.55

and my opinion was, that this is the additive time we all recieved in racing with previous versions before 1.55

I can’t make any sense of that from seeing the stream that was on pre 1.55 they rode for 32.55 plus would of had to add the gun time on top. There is no way your HUD could’ve shown 32.55 at the end and jumped to 20 seconds at the banner near the start unless it then randomly chopped off that 20 seconds somewhere in the race which seems impossible.

I would suggesting recording your next race to see if you can re-create any problem.

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yeah very sad. will make some shots next stage racing.


Hello Gordon,
i analyze some photos from other riders next to me and compare those with the video of Nic you shared as example.
Here you see the a time different between me and a rider.

This is the ~20sec different i had. Why is the 1st person with 0,0sec different to my position, timewise far ahead. So my HUD has not presented the realtime.
Even Nics Video in the position of the selected waypoint (the stone) has just 3sec different. so we speaking still a different from 10:47 to 10:31 (seen from Nic). WHY??

How should a rider control his timing on the road with a waypoint list, when after he receive an non-calcuable offset?
here is my roadbook as an example


And finally my own pic in comparsiun with a close rider.

makes controlled racing by time unusable, if normal now.

thx for any reply

Now the roll out is complete i would see if this continues to happen - It might have been users on different versions causing an odd issue.

though if it was, surprised it wasn’t raised out of the TTT last night.

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Thankyou Lee, i thought something like this had happened. :upside_down_face:

Hopefully next week for a new stage its fixed and all riders are on same version :pray: :pray: