ZP Race Placement - HISP Sprint NY League - 220622

Yesterday raced in HISP Sprint NY League, 19.30.
I won the race, because I drafted a strong B a bit longer than other C’s could.
In Zwift Companion I’m #1. Looked at ZP after the race and I turned out #1 in ZP as well.
Today, this morning, in ZP I am #2 and the #1 is a guy who finished #4 almost a minute after me.
Can someone explain this? or is it a bug?
A bit confusing.

I’m C and my raider name is Per Bäckström :slight_smile:

Well you are back on top of the leaderboard now, so maybe you just happened to look at the wrong time as results were being sorted out.

Worth noting though that this series of events are POINTS based races, so you can finish first across the line and still not end up with the most points because they are actually awarded for having the fastest sprint or climb for example. In your case it looks like you did win the vast majority of the sprints, so that’s why you’ve ended up at #1, not necessarily because you got to the finish line first.


Funny, thanks for the good news and for the explanation.
Is it possible to look at the individual sprint results of a race afterwards?

There is a “Primes” tab at the top of the results page that will list the top 10 finishers at each sprint or KOM banner and this can be further separated into “First over line” and “Fastest time”.

Not knowing the rules of this particular race, I can’t tell you what exactly you scored points for, but there are plenty of leagues out there where you pick up points at each sprint for both your placing AND having a fast time, and then more points are available at the finish line, so it’s probably a combination of all of those factors.


Thank you. Didnt know about the “primes” :slight_smile: