Won race but 2nd place in ZP?

Posting for a friend:

My friend won a race last night. But when looking at ZP (ABC Arctic Blast Dec 2 @ 18:30 PST), a person he beat by 2 minutes (shown both in ZP and the Zwift Companion App) is now in first place on ZP. And shows my friend was -59s behind when he was actually 120s ahead.

How does this happen? Is race wins in ZP no longer based on first across the line?

Thanks in advance

Appears that race awarded points for primes and the winner, while slower across the finish line, beat 2nd place on the primes and accumulated more points.

As D_Watson says this was a points race which involved some bonus points for a prime segment.

Ah. thanks folks. much appreciated with your quick thorough responses. All i ever knew was first past the line; these points races are new to me.

yep always worth checking the event description on the app and zwiftpower if you are jumping in on a new race as points race can vary quite a bit.

Some do points certain laps, certain sprints. sometimes first over the line, sometimes fastest through the segement so best to be prepared.